MS Locations

The Elliot-Yeo numbers are the standard bibliographical references based on their Catalogue (PBSA March 1990). These are supplemented by the revisions/additions made by Nicolas Barker in his edition of the Wormsley Library copy of Inglis’s copy of Proverbes de Salomon (Roxburgh Club, 2012). Links to digitized material indicated where available.

Location USShelfmarkTitleDateScott-Elliot/Yeo No.
FolgerV.a.93CL Psaumes15998
FolgerV.a.94Argumenta Psalmorum160836
FolgerV.a.665Psalms of David1612New – not in Barker
FolgerX.d.533Self portrait from V.a.931599(8)
HRC AustinPforz MS 0126[Proverbs]160621
HarvardMS Typ 428.1Quotations fr Psalms & Proverbs16052
HarvardMS Typ 212Argumenta Psalmorum160625
HarvardMS Typ 428Argumentum . . . Geneseos160835
Harvard MS Typ 347Quatrains de Guy de Faure161544
HarvardMS Typ 49Verbum sempiternum161546
Harvardformerly EdisonQuatrains159911
Harvardformerly EdisonOctonaires161543
Harvardformerly EdisonQuatrains161545
HuntingtonHM 26068Discours de la Foy15913
Huntington283000. Vol.5:111Emblematic drawing of Marie Stewart countess of Mar162252
MorganMA 2149Argumenta . . . Eccles[iasticus]160728
MorganB1 350 A MS W.72Octonaires161547
NewberryWing MS miniature ZW 645.K29[Proverbs, selections]160623
NewberryWing MS miniature ZW 645 K.292Quatrains1606?31
NYPLSpencer Coll. French MS. 008Livre de l’Ecclesiaste/Cantique du Roy Salomon160117
NYPLSpencer Coll. MS. 14Octonaries160913
Private Coll.Quatrains160015A
Location England
BodleianMS. Bodl. 990Proverbes de Salomon15999
BodleianMS. Bodl. 987Quatrains161750
British Library Sloane MS 987Livret contenant diverses sortes de lettres [Psalms]15861
British LibraryAdd. MS 27927Livre de l’Ecclesiaste/ Cantique de Salomon159910
British LibraryHarleian MS 4324Quatrains161440
British LibraryAdd. MS 19633Quatrains161541
British LibraryAdd. MS 22606Quatrains161751
British LibraryRoyal MS 17.D.XVIEmblemes Chrestiens162454
Christ Church OxfordMS. 180Pseaumes15997
Royal Library WindsorRCIN 1047001Octonaires160727
Wormsley LibraryRH158Proverbes de Salomon160118
Wormsley LibraryBM1851Psalmes of David161238
Wormsley LibraryBM1850Psalmes of Davide162455
NorfolkPrivate LibraryBook of the Armes of England160937
NorthamptonshirePrivate LibraryArgumenta in Librum Geneseos160626
Location Scotland
Aberdeen University LibraryMS 277Quatrains160013A
Edinburgh University Library (EUL)MS La.III.440Livret traittant de la Grandeur de Dieu15924
EULMS La.III.249Vincula Unionis by David Hume160520
EULMS La.III.439Quatrains160730
EULMS La.III.75Treatise of preparation for the Holy Supper160834
National Library of Scotland (NLS)MS 20498Livre de l’Eclesiaste . . . Lamentations160219
NLSAcc. 11624Une Estreine [Proverbs]160622
NLSAcc. 11821Argumenta . . . Evangelii Matthaei160732
NLSMS 25240Octonaires160731A
NLSMS 8874Pseaumes de David161542
National Records of ScotlandGD 18/4508Octonaires160729
National Trust for Scotland – Culzean Castle45.3596Six vingts et six quatrains161648B
National Trust for Scotland – Culzean Castle45.3597Octonaires161648A
University of St. AndrewsMS 38830Octonaires161649
Location Europe
Bibliothèque Nationale, ParisMS. Français 14849Proverbes du Roy Salomon160116
Royal Library, CopenhagenThott 323 oktavQuatrains1606New – not in Barker
Royal Library, CopenhagenGKS 3380 oktavBooke of Psalme[s]162453
Royal Library, StockholmCod. Holm.A.781Pseaumes de David161239
Staatsbibliothek, BerlinMS. Lat. C. 14Testrasticha selecta historiae Geneseos160624
Other MSS Associated with Inglis
EULMS La.III.525, f.8Inscriptions in album amicorum of George Craig1604
NLSAdv. MS.33.1.6, vol. 20, no.21Letter to James VI on behalf of her son.1620
Formerly BLSloane MS 808Quatrains161544A
Formerly Advocates Library, EdinburghAdv. MS 19.3.46Octonaires161648
Last owner Philip Harcourt (d.1759)Historiae memorabiles Genesis160014
Last owner M. Laforge, 1936Quatrains160015