Welcome to Esther Inglis

Argumenta in librum Psalmorum: manuscript, 1606. MS Typ 212. Houghton Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. Self-portrait. f.9v

What’s New! Check out the full transcription and translation of Discours de la Foy, Inglis’s first manuscript made for Elizabeth I in 1591. Click on tab above.

Welcome to the world of Esther Inglis, Franco-Scottish writer and artist. Interested in calligraphy, embroidery, bindings, miniatures and more? Here you’ll find a gathering of information about her life, the location of manuscripts, scholarly references, and updates on what we know about her and her work. I’ve had great fun searching out and examining over thirty of her manuscripts in ten libraries and writing about her dedications, self-portraits, and her cultural world. In this space, I want to share some of these findings with you. This will also be “Inglis-central”; a place where you can come for updated information on the locations of her manuscripts, a bibliography of printed and digital works referencing her, information on her bindings, and more. 

Come explore – send questions or new information. Most importantly, enjoy! 

This is Georgianna Ziegler – you can reach me at: Email or  Twitter